Spirituality and Physical development


In a world where social pressures and expectations are high, we help our children to accept and manage their emotions. Children spend a few minutes of tranquil time with themselves for quiet reflection. The early morning silence sets the tone for a challenging day at school with students focusing better on goals they need to achieve. The facilitators spend discussion time with children, helping them understand their needs and how to overcome their difficulties.



Physical development

Physical development of the child is critical in the primary years. Our programme is developed, keeping in mind the readiness of a child’s body for certain physical activities. In the early years, children are exposed to Baby Gym for running, hopping, jumping and walking around patterns. Splash pool, sand pit and swings all ensure the development of gross motor skills. In the later years, children are introduced to sports like Tennis, Soccer and Basketball. Yoga constitutes an important part of physical education program of D.P.S. Rajahmundry as it helps in the holistic development of body, mind and soul and betters focus and concentration.