Transport Rules

The School has its own school buses available for use by the school children on payment of prescribed bus fees. Details of bus fee, pick up points and timings are displayed on the School office Notice Board. Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the following: It is suggested that students use the school buses, wherever the school has provided the facility. For the safety and security of students, the following rules have to be followed by every student travelling in the bus, failing which, strict action will be taken, including suspension from using the school bus facility.

  • Students will board and get off only at the respective bus stops as specified in the bus user forms.
  • Students will maintain discipline and decorum in the school bus. Any student indulging in any fight or using abusive language in the bus will be immediately denied the use of the bus facility.
  • Students will be seated in the bus before it starts. They must not board in a moving bus.
  • Students should avoid unruly behaviour like shouting, throwing things, etc., which may distract the driver.
  • Students will refrain from defacing or destroying accessories of the bus and will not litter either inside/outside the bus.
  • Students will strictly obey and cooperate with the concerned teachers on duty and the transport department.
  • Prior written permission must be obtained if a student wishes to travel by another bus route for a particular reason on a particular day. The permission letter should be duly approved by the competent authority and a copy of the same should be submitted to the respective Class Teacher for information.
  • It is COMPULSORY for all bus commuters to wear their ID cards around the neck during the time of travel in the bus.
  • The School Bus will not wait for any student at the designated stop. Students are requested to reach the stop before time.
  • Students are not allowed to get off the bus before their destination unless written permission from parents duly approved by the school has been submitted.
  • There will not be any changes in the prescribed route, pick up points and timings unless informed by the school.
  • Request for withdrawal of school bus service must be given at least one month in advance. Request for withdrawal of bus service will not be permitted after month of November.
  • Once the School transport facility is requested by the parent, the services will continue in the school record regardless whether the child travels by the bus unless the request for termination of services is given in advance and approved by the Principal or a competent authority.
  • If a child is found travelling in the school bus without any prior permission/approval, the transport fee will be charged for the whole academic session.
  • Bus facility is a privilege, not a right.
  • Kindly do not argue with the driver or conductor. You may bring any complaint to the notice of the Principal / Transport Incharge.
  • If you find any object in the bus which does not belong to fellow students or is suspicious in nature , immediately bring it to the attention of helper/driver.
  • Parents seeking, use of school transport are required to fill up the prescribed Transport Application form and pay the fee at the office.
  • Request for route change or discontinuance have to be made in the beginning of the quarter and once the request has been made, no further similar requests shall be entertained. Bus discontinuation form / New Bus users form / Bus route change form are available with Transport Incharge.
  • Under no circumstances, bus fee once paid shall be refunded / adjusted.
  • No withdrawal from bus will be allowed during III quarter.